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little viking art

Presenting the revived and reimagined art of
Martha Mjölsnes-Nelson
& supporting cancer research by donating 100% of profits

Hello 1980s! Meet 2020s

Our Mission

a life of love

In 1997, 13 years after her surgery, Martha died from lingering complications of a brain tumor.
She was only 47.

Amongst many qualities, she was a giver, a lover, a teacher and a mother.   

only the best

Not only am I emotionally tied to this project, but I am a printing nerd. When it came time to find vendors to reproduce this work, I was picky. 

You will be getting the highest quality everything.


To start, I simply loved the idea of sharing her art with a new generation. But before long, I determined that wasn't enough. She would do more. 

100% of profits will be donated to cancer research in her name. 

Best Selling Collections

if ever there is a tomorrow
when we’re not together

there is something
you must always remember

you are braver than you believe
stronger than you seem
and smarter than you think

but the most important thing is
even if we are apart
I’ll always be with you 

– Winnie the Pooh